Selection Policy


  1. Athletes must compete in the National Championships unless an exemption has been granted by the JAAA.
  2. Athletes placing in the first four positions in the 100M & 400M will be named to the relay pool. The remaining members of the relay pool will be selected by the JAAA Selection Committee. As mandated by World Athletics, athletes who are selected to run individual 100M/400M are automatic members of the relay pool. It is a condition for selection that the athletes selected for the relay pool must be available when required for relay practice. Athletes who fail to make themselves available may not be allowed to participate in the competition.
  3.  (a) Subject to the proviso below, athletes placing in the 1st to 3rd positions in all events will be selected if they have attained the qualifying standard for the event PROVIDED HOWEVER that in any event where any athlete has been granted an exemption from competing in that event at the National Championships under criteria (7) below the athlete so exempted may be considered for selection as an entrant for the event in the competition.

   (b) Where an athlete has been granted an exemption and the Selection Committee has determined that such an athlete should be selected among the entrants for the event that athlete shall be selected above the athlete placing third at the National Championships or in place of an athlete finishing in either of the first two places of the event where that athlete has been determined by a medical panel appointed by the JAAA to be ill or injured and not being in a satisfactory physical condition to warrant being entered to compete.

  1. Final selection will be made using the allowed final entry date governing the particular competition.
  2. All athletes must maintain and prove their competitive fitness up to the time of the final entry date for the competition.
  3. Injured athletes must be examined by the JAAA local medical team in order to be declared unfit not to compete in the Championships. After examination the medical team will recommend how soon the athlete will be capable of returning to competition.
  4. Athletes who are ranked/listed in the top three in the world for their event who are ill or injured at the time of the National Championships and are granted an exemption from competing at the Championships may still be considered for selection provided that they are able to prove their world ranking form prior to the final submission of the entries for the competition.

Selection Criteria for 2021

  • Ranking in 2020
  • Best performance in 2020
  • Indoor and outdoor performances in 2021
  • Satisfy the JAAA at the time of team selection

Selections are subject to ratification by the Executive Committee of the JAAA.

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