COVID-19 Updates & Advisories: March 24

As Jamaica and the world at large put in measures to combat and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, please click on the link below for some advisories and updates.





  • All persons 75 years and older (with exemptions) must stay home for 14 days effective March 25, 2020. They will be allowed to conduct the essentials under certain restrictions. Order in place by tomorrow with all conditions.
  • Public Sector Workers 65 years and older must work from home subject to certain exemptions. Permanent Secretaries will guide. Takes effect March 25, 2020.
  • Schools are to remain closed from the ending of the last order which expires this Friday until the end of the Easter Term. Further advisory to be given if extended thereafter.
  • Each person that entered Jamaica as at March 18 must be quarantined for an additional 14 days after the initial 7 day period expires.
  • For a period of 14 days as at March 25, 2020 gatherings shall not exceed 10 persons down from the original 20. To be strictly enforced.
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