BROWN Raymond

Raymond Brown

CALVERT Schillonie

This little lady improved in 2011– as a training partner of Usain Bolt might be expected to –but then, she was always good. Dominant locally in her last years at Holmwood, she won a World Youth bronze in the 100 in 2005 and the CAC Junior sprint double in 2006. Sadly, she was injured in the CAC 200 race there.


VCB has a packed resume. Since her Olympic relay silver in 2000, she has piled up so much success that TRACK AND FIELD NEWS named her one of the ten best female athletes of the 2000-2009 decade.


The surprise winner of the Olympic 100-metre gold medal in 2008, Shelly-Ann backed that up in Berlin in 2009. Bursting rapidly from the blocks, she went even faster than she did in Beijing and won in 10.73 seconds, a new Jamaican record.

Gayle Tajay

Tajay Gayle (born 2 August 1996) is a Jamaican long jumper.

HALL Patrica

Personal Best- Outdoor
Performance Wind Place Date
 200 Metres  22.51 +1.4   Sao Paulo (IDCM)   19 May 2013 
 300 Metres  37.11  Kohlia  29 Aug 2012
 400 Metres  50.71  Oslo (Bislett)  07 Jun 2012
 400 Metres Hurdles   58.60  Kingston,Jam  12 Apr 2000