Asafa Powell is one of the greatest sprinters in history.  Sports writers will tell you that statistics don't lie.

ROSE Remaldo

Outstanding young sprinter Remaldo Rose attends Camperdown High School in the Eastern part of the Captial City of Kingston. Remaldo’s most outstanding achievements came in 2004 at the 10th World Junior Athletic Championships, Grossetto, Italy.

He won heat 4 of the 100 metres in 10.67 seconds, placed 3rd in semi-final one in 10.36 seconds, and in the final he earned a bronze in 10.34 seconds. He was beaten by two (2) lads who were two years his senior.


Years ago she was the fourth string among Jamaica’s junior sprinters, but within a year, after joining Stephen Francis at MVP Track Club, Sherone Simpson broke loose. Simpson, who ran 12.54 in 2000, but entered MVP/University of Technology (UTech) as an 11.37 athlete in 2004, has raced up the ranks of Jamaica’s sprinting.


Personal Best- Indoor
Performance Wind Place Date
50 Metres 5.65 Liévin February 21, 1999
50 Metres 5.65 Liévin February 16, 1997
60 Metres 6.52 Liévin February 16, 1997
60 Metres 6.52 Liévin February 16, 1997
200 Metres 21.77 Toronto (The Sky Dome) March 13, 1993


Jamaican Elaine Thompson arrived in Rio known mainly for her exploits as a 200m runner. She left as the sport's new sprint queen.

WEIR Warren

Personal Best- Outdoor
  Performance Wind Place Date
100 Metres 10.02 +1.5 Kingston (NS), JAM 08 Jun 2013
200 Metres 19.79 0.0 Moskva (Luzhniki) 17 Aug 2013
200 Metres 19.79 +0.9 Kingston (NS), JAM 23 Jun 2013
110m Hurdles (99.0cm) 13.65 +0.7 Kingston (NS), JAM 24 Jun 2007
110m Hurdles (99.0cm) 13.65 -1.3 Bydgoszcz (Zdzislaw Krzyszkowiak) 11 Jul 2008